Police stations of the future

We were invited to play the Value System Game with visitors of the information day on the future housing of the Dutch Police.

Together with local police officers, team leaders, architects and developers, we explored how circular building strategies could be implemented when developing new police property.

Using the Value System Game cards, we put scenarios on the table for energy and heat systems, sustainable transportation, efficient use of space, pre-fab building, renovation and bio-based materials.

Regenerative design in the food chain

Superuse Studios organized an exhibition on regenerative design in the food chain, as part of the Dutch Days for the Dutch Consulate in Guangzhou. The exhibition was a presentation of innovative and sustainable food-related startups from the Netherlands.

For the Value System Game session during this exhibition, Chinese companies were invited to look at the value chain of Dutch startups. The Chinese companies were asked: where can my company connect to these value chains? The visitors explored how new value chains could start from the residual flows of the start-ups.

The participating Dutch companies were SeedscopeFruitLeather and Fungalogic.