The Value System Game is a powerful tool designed to optimize the use of resources, energy, and manpower. Drawing on over 20 years of expertise in circular design and architecture, this game was developed by Jan Jongert and Lizanne Dirkx from Superuse Studios.

Our experienced Gamemasters will guide you throughout the game, helping you to identify stakeholders, resources and processes. They help the group discover new connections and opportunities. With their extensive knowledge and experience in  systemic design for a wide variety of industries, they will assist you in effectively regenerating waste flows for your organisation, making your operations more circular and creating more value.

Jan Jongert

“Being a pioneer for over 20 years in sustainable design and education, one of my personal goals is to help a broad as possible audience to view our society from a different, more holistic perspective. When playing the Value System Game it amazes me everytime how teams with completely different backgrounds and knowledge quickly gain insights and develop new views on their business. Knowing the importance of collective development, my focus lies on challenging ideas that participants otherwise maybe wouldn’t dare to bring to the table. Because it is often those ideas that open the door to a new reality.”

Lizanne Dirkx

“What fascinates me is that opportunities often only become visible when you literally draw them out. In my work for Superuse Studios I am always making system and network cards. Complex challenges, such as circular business processes, can be much easier to understand when made visually. And when they lay in front of you, you can indicate where you want to intervene. You immediately see the effects of your changes.

We have designed the Value System Game so that everyone can visualize systems and processes. I love to see how a team gains insight step by step. If you think about circularity together, the process is faster and solutions will be more feasible. “