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Afrikaandermarket waste solutions

In this session of the game we were looking for solutions for the waste that is left behind at the weekly open air Afrikaandermarket.

We played the Value System Game with members of the Blue Economy University and different partners of the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperation.

Over 30 ideas were generated, turning the waste flows into high quality resources and involving local entrepreneurs at the same time. A local catering service could use the edible waste for jam and soups, cardboard could be used as packaging material for the shops that surround the market and green waste could be used to grow worms, that could be sold as pet food in the local pet shop .

Circular insurences

Photo credits - BlueCity

With about sixty employees from four insurance companies we played Value System Game. The participants were divided over five tables where we had prepared different cases for them. They looked at the chain of a laptop being stolen, a building that endures fire damage and a car that is a total loss after an accident. The aim was to find out how the insurance company can contribute to the circularity of products, materials, behavior, or society in general.

 What made this session so enjoyable is that participants from different departments looked at the entire chain of an insured product or person. Where the participants normally work on specific insurance products, they could now look for solutions across borders. For example, it became clear that there is sometimes unwanted overlap in insurance products.
.One idea that came up during the session: instead of paying a compensation fee after a fire, an insurance company could stimulate the damage to be repaired by a party that builds sustainably and circular.

Feyenoord Business Club

This image is provided under the CC BY 2.0 licence. Photographer: Daniel

During an excursion day for members of the Feyenoord Business Club we played the game with 120 professionals, each of them with a different background.

For this session of the Value System Game we asked the participants to think in teams about how an event at the football stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam is organized and where circular business opportunities could arise.

It became clear that catering services create a lot of valuable surplus materials, such as plastic that can be reused in furniture, or waste water that can be used as fertilizer. Another promising idea that came up was a system for collecting and re-using rain water.

This session for the Feyenoord Business Club was a fun and easy introduction into the circular economy.