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Discover and create circular solutions through interactive group gaming.

A playful new economy

The Value System Game is an inspiring introduction into the circular economy and circular value creation. While putting cards on the table together, we look at where smart connections can be established that lead to added value. With this game you’ll find the bottlenecks of your project as well as the places where positive impact can be made.

Every organization can take small steps today that lead to circular innovation tomorrow.

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How will you LEarn?

Discovering Value

The Value System Game is a tool that quickly provides insight in the system of your project or company. We look at processes that produce waste and how they can be turned into high quality resources.

Gaming together

We believe circular solutions are inherently part of a hollisitic and collaborative proces. For this reason we designed the Value System Game, an interactive process in which groups and companies can find and develop circular solutions within their existing structures. 

What will you take home?

• A clear and visual analysis of your process or project.

• The most important points in the process where loss of value arises and can be prevented.

• One or more ideas for circular impact that you can realize.

• A circular methodology that you can continue to apply with your team in the future.

Who are playing the game?


Companies & Organizations

Different companies, start-ups and (non-profit) organisations have benefitted from playing a session of the value system game with us.

Overleg Ghangzou 4 - education


Government parties have reached out to spark circular thinking within their organisations.



Several educational institutes have hosted sessions to create awareness on circularity for both educators and students.

These companies experienced our Value System Game already

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